Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Three Wise Men and the "STAR" that led them...

In lieu of strange lights and appearances of objects in the sky, dating back to medieval times and earlier, which, have all been accounted in hundred and thousand year old drawings; it seems to me that the new wave of "astronaut theorists" who say that "aliens" came down to Earth and tried to rule humans thousands of years ago, that one of the most crucial events in human history which can separate BAD from GOOD, and TIME TRAVELERS (who want to take over) and ALIEN BEINGS (who want to protect the human race) that "theorists" have yet to comment on... The Three Wise Men... The three wise men were led by a "STAR" to the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, our Father in Heaven.

History is certainly being revealed to not be everything that we have been taught for so many years, and especially what we as children were taught in School. The pope and Vatican... are based in the (Roman) culture, the SIN of the Earth! So, the pope and the minions are definately NOT living the word of God, our awesome Father in Heaven, nor are they even living close to it!

The image of ancient Egypt during the construction of the Pyramids, was NOT... a congregation of rail-thin Egyptian workers who wore turbans around their heads. And, who by the way, were supposed to have moved "monolithic boulders" that weighed more than FIFTEEN of today's automobiles tied together. The Egyptian pharaohs... Do you believe that these human beings, who are just the same as (the queen of England) except for with much LARGER ego's, were "masters" of the solar system, and just happened to know how to construct and think in ways far far more advanced than how human beings live and think today??? Is the queen of England THAT intelligent? I doesn't look like it... But if a time traveler from the future was (WHISPERING IN HER EAR) promising her yet MORE wealth and ETERNAL respect through the ages... and sharing with her future technologies to (HOODWINK) the people who live in the same country as she does that she is a GREAT and MARVELOUS SORCERER... than YES, she could be perceived differently, and "may" have contributed a lot more to society. But she didn't and neither does, nor did any of monarchy. That's a fact.

The answer to all this is... Our ego-driven Time Travelers from our very NEAR future... However, what about these "lights" in the sky and glowing (flying saucers) ... the ego-driven Time Travelers would certainly NOT want to aid the BETTERMENT of human history.
The Time Travelers want to RULE! The Time Travelers do not want the world to believe in anything but them, and so, they certainly would want to eliminate "Jesus" if they had the ability to Travel through time??? So, it cannot have been the ego-driven Time Travelers
(THE STAR IN THE SKY) that led the three wise men to the birth of Jesus Christ??? And by the way, those who truly believe are protected by our Father in Heaven, and Jesus is the greatest, so the Time Travelers couldn't interfere with that even if they tried.

If you truly have faith in our Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ, then you will know that the Universe is FULL of life beyond our wildest imaginations. The solar system(s) are huge, and reach farther than what we will ever know and be able to conceive. Life DOES exist on other planets, perhaps in the same form as us, as well as other forms, like; little green or grey alien persons. That being said, often times, alien "beings", are reported (by those who have encountered them) to be endearing... peaceful... and reassuring. So, could it be that some
(life-forms) from a distant planet, who fly in beautiful cylindrical craft (which may be organic, rather than technological - think about that for a change) be some of our Father in Heaven's (good-will to all men ambassadors) The likely hood is YES. And do not believe that alien beings genetically modified human beings in the past. That is a science fiction story, and individuals that propagate the "myth" that alien beings genetically modified human beings thousands of years ago and were responsible for creating the human race, are individuals whose faith in our Father in Heaven, and his wondrous miracles, does not allow them to conceive that... MARY, the Earth mother of Jesus Christ, or other MIRACLE "births", were conjured up, without touch or chemical, or any of that nonsense, and was able to CONCEIVE, by a magical miracle of God.

So, how about those "three wise men" who were led across the desert by a brilliant star in the night sky to usher in and record the birth of Jesus Christ (Jesus' original P.R. people) To then begin the proclamation to the world that JESUS CHRIST, is the son of God, and that with him comes THE WORD... THE TRUTH... THE FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT... Believe it or don't believe it... If you do, GOOD TIMES... If you don't... GOOD LUCK...
The three wise men were being led to Jesus Christ' birth by a STAR (light) in the sky that led them directly to the "stable" in a village, where Jesus Christ was born. Now, if you (tonight) followed a "star" in the night sky, across a desert, it would not lead you "directly" to a stable in the middle of a small village, and then shine a light down on a house for you to go into, where you found something, or someone inside, that you had a dream or (vision) that you were supposed to go and see. The STAR, or (light) would have to move with you across the sky in order to lure you, and then, it would have to beam a light down to specifically tell you where to stop... The three wise men's light shone down on the stable where Jesus Christ was born...

There you go. The three "wisest" of the wise... because they didn't question anything ("scientists" by the way, and the majority of the world today, question everything) Not the wisest of the wise men... They were led to Jesus Christ's birth and then began his P.R. They were led by our Father in Heaven's loving guidance... and by some of God's, our Father in Heaven's, cool looking and cool cruising... air ambassadors.

Written by
Allistair E.T.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2012... THE END???

The End... I don't think so.

God clearly said that we (human beings and aliens and everything else that exists) will NOT know the time or date when Jesus will come back and clean house! That should tell you something about December "2012" and all the bogus myths that surround it...
In revelations it "says"... There will be a battle at Armageddon between Jesus and the devil.
So how on this EARTH can any of these (above) things happen if the world is destroyed in December 2012 by what scientists, astrologers and astronomers, the bishops and clerics and Nostradamus are saying???

... The "mythical" alignment of the sun which pin-points the end of time... oh no and shiver me timbers... The ancient Mayan myths and conspiracies and that ridiculous calendar... OH NO... "The guy who made that Mayan calendar probably just ran out of the rock his was carving it on to go past 2012". The Mayans; a civilization that doesn't exist anymore. They are extinct!
That doesn't speak too highly of "their" intelligence about anything now does it?

Want to know what's really going on... It's those pesky Time Travelers from our very near future...

God, more than likely "chased" the Time Travelers away from the Mayan times, and just as they were spouting out these ridiculous doomsday propaganda's and myths, and trying to figure out God's "perfect" and "undecipherable" plan of the universe.
Nostradamus' visions... were just hallucinations brought on by lack of sleep and too much solitude.

Who are you going to believe... God; a three thousand year old calendar which was carved by a "man"???... other "men and women" who call themselves, scientist. astronomer. astrologer. Nostradamus, etc., etc... Get real, better yet, get Truthful! One of these ways leads to happiness and joy... The other two lead to eternal torment.

Written by
Allistair E.T.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Little Green Leprechauns

History is populated with stories and accounts of human beings who have witnessed an event and then told those stories and events to someone, who then inevitably told someone else, and then the story was passed along through generations and generations...

There are a number of stories in history and folklore which describe
"little persons" and one specific series of stories comes to mind when thinking about it...

The Irish Leprechaun's.

The "Leprechaun" are little creatures who are supposedly impossible to "catch".

It "would" be difficult trying to catch a little Green or Grey alien being that flies about in a flying saucer that travels the speed of light... Wouldn't you agree?

Leprechaun's live outside, in forests or in the countryside. Leprechaun's rarely ever appear to human beings accept for the "lucky" few... (There are not many people who get the opportunity to see strange phenomenon in the sky either)

The story says that Leprechaun's are trying to protect... a pot of GOLD...

"Gold" is something that even the ancient astronauts, who are going to build the ancient Egyptian pyramids, are interested in obtaining. But why?

I propose that the little Green or Grey alien beings, who DO also visit Earth from time to time, use Gold (a material which they are lacking on their planet's) as a means to "power" their space craft, or other life-sustaining purposes on their planet's.

I do not believe the little Green or Grey alien beings are dangerous. They are NOT ego-maniacs, nor do they want to take over the Earth and set themselves up as rulers or "false gods". If the alien beings had those sorts of intentions they would have done began ruling the Earth a long time ago already.

Little "Green" aliens are very short beings who visit Earth in "secret" (mostly at night) They do not leave signs (Green aliens are not the aliens who form crop-circles) to brag about what they have done. They simply harvest their "gold" or "resources" from the Earth, and then ascend pleasantly and "silently" back up into the skies and occasionally entertain the "lucky" few who happen to see their dazzling aerial displays.

What I find is fascinating is that "Leprechaun's" are described as being "Green" also. They wear Green clothing and are very short... They are supposedly "magical" beings, and why is it that the story goes... "Their pot of gold is sitting at the end of the rainbow?" The rainbow is in the "sky"...

Were people in Ireland seeing little "Green Alien Beings" from another planet who were harvesting Gold and other resources from the Earth, and then named them Leprechauns??? I believe so.

Written by
Allistair E.T.

Ancient Time Travel

The Mission...

There are many myths which surround the ancient pyramids of Egypt, the pyramids of the Maya and others. Many in modern times believe the builders of the pyramids to be aliens... creatures from other planets, who came to Earth thousands of years ago, set up residence and began building on Earth's soil. But why? Why travel to Earth and why build in a very few select places?

The people of ancient Egypt and Maya, referred to their leaders as gods... those who came "down" from the heavens in the sky. For people to refer to others as gods, the "others" must have surely made examples of themselves to "be" gods. Meaning, by the use of advance technologies and feats that human beings of those time deemed to unimaginable to be anything but... a miracle of the gods... However, if a human being from today traveled back to the eighteen hundreds and was displaying some of the technologies and knowledge about life that we have today... wouldn't they appear to the people of the eighteen hundreds, perhaps as... gods... Those who don't believe in the one true god, our Father in heaven of course.

Imagine that you are living today with all the knowledge of exactly what has happened and has been constructed during the past. Imagine that you suddenly discovered time travel and were able to use it at will... You could travel back in time to ancient Egypt armed with today's advanced technology and machinery... You could time travel back to the time when Atlantis was said to have been heaven on Earth... You could travel to all these periods of time with the knowledge we have today of how to construct these civilizations... and with your advanced ways of thinking and "machinery" be able to convince entire races of people to become your loyal subjects... do and work your bidding... and have them believe that you are more than just a human being.

But if the Pyramids, the Mayan pyramids, Puma Punku and these other fantastical sites already exist in our "current" time... how could you be responsible for building them...

If you think of time as fact. Whatever we see, we see it because the events of the future are going to happen and that's fact. Those of us who believe in one God, our Father in heaven and Jesus, know that our Father knows everything that is going to happen on Earth before it happens. Our Father has written the perfect screenplay. If you choose to say your lines... and you know when they are right, because when they are, you do not feel angry, hate or any other frustration... If everything is done, and the past is done, then the future is done also.

So say that you have researched ancient Egypt and have your time machine. Now in today's world, you cannot blink without someone knowing about it. So a government entity would most surely become involved with your time travel project before you could even pick up the phone to tell a friend you invented time travel. So, armed with government secret funding, all their technologies and machinery, the two of you go into the business of time-travel. But what if there is a bad seed among the bunch. Someone who wants to use time travel to make themselves powerful... so that in the future, they can rule. The chances of this person being one of the "higher" ranking personnel on the project are great, and so... majority rule... the time travel mission is to time travel back in time, alter the past so that when you come back to the future... you can rule this time period. However, you cannot spend years in the past coming up with original ways to convince people that you are from the heavens... You use the knowledge that your present "past" has already given you, and ready yourself to employ that method in the past so that "your" time doesn't run out constructing all these past miracles, in time for you to come back and see the efforts of your scam in the present.

Bags, machinery, teams, costumes and make-up packed... a generation that has watched a lot of movies... The time travel team, headed by Captain Ego, travels way back to the time of Atlantis. There, they terrify the people with their "magic", build the perfect civilization, and take off with loots of gold and other treasures... leaving behind a monumental mark on history and creating a myth that Atlantis was gods who came and created heaven on Earth, and you're out of there and onto Puma Punku or ancient Egypt... BUT...

Every single one of these "heavens" and "god" dwelling places with people who come down from the skies, have been destroyed and wiped out... Are your team only one step ahead of God, our Father in heavens mighty wrath... Yes, and because he is allowing you, perhaps so that the world can be a more interesting place... but not to fear... he will eventually catch up with the bad ego maniacs... because he has already said so through Jesus, and it is written in the Bible.

Speaking of ancient civilizations that were wiped out and over thrown seemingly over night... There was a humble man named Moses, who spoke to God, our Father in heaven, and according to Moses... Our Father told him to tell the ancient Egyptians to... LET MY PEOPLE GO... Because they were enslaved to their rulers of "gods". That makes sense.... time traveler's... hook-winkers... you let my people go and I will display my real and "magical" power against your "technological" power by letting Moses cast his arms to the sky and parting the Red Sea... After that incident, the Egyptians all of a sudden became silent. It was as though they and they're advanced ways of thinking and technology just... disappeared into thin air (remember that the medieval ages occurred after ancient Egypt - fascinating, because that meant that human beings became "dumber")

But after the Egyptians, our Father became very angry and tired of liars leading his people astray, and so that is when he sent Jesus to come to Earth and tell humans once and for all... IN THE NEW TESTAMENT... NOT the old one. Jesus said that the OLD TESTAMENT was null and void and to listen to his words and his words only as they ARE the TRUTH...

Now back to the time travelers... When Jesus arrived, this really put the fear of our Father in them... And so, their final time traveling conquering and hoodwinking adventure was over...

The time travelers run away from our Father after Moses parts the Red Sea... and... where do they go??? They run back to our "present" time i.e. (2011) thinking that they are safe...

Here's the fun part... Remember what I wrote concerning time travel. Let's say it gets discovered on March 18, 2011. And on March 30, 2011, the first time-travel mission occurs... The Atlantis mission. The team returns on April 2, 2011 - for example; but they have made Atlantis. They could time travel back to March 30, 2011 if they wanted to, a minute after they left to create Atlantis. So you see, if they are mastering time "or" so they believe... They can build Egypt, create the Nazca Lines in South American... the Mayan temples and more, and be back for April fools day 2011, just fifteen or so days after they discovered time travel... AMAZING!

Ultimate Power... or so the time travelers believe... So they have altered or rather, participated to the past and in that sense, have created the world's past... However, now they are terrified to muddle anywhere else in time because the real and one TRUE GOD, our FATHER in heaven just sent them away screaming... BUT... remember that history and future history is already written, and also remember that Jesus said... We will not know when he will return... So there is "no way" that an ancient Mayan calendar or nostrodamus predicts the end of the world...

So, our power hungry time travelers return to our present or future present to us now.. April 1, 2011... they're a little shaky at first as you can imagine... after having been threatened and shown true power by God... but, they're back in their stables, and after a few days, the ONE ego maniac begins to think that it's time for him to use his power in the present and set himself up during the ULTIMATE age... as he believes, as the one and powerful on Earth. How does he do this??? Well, he invented time travel and manipulated it... he has things from the past that he has taken with him to our present... perhaps drawings... photographs of those ancient times that he kept hidden from the ancient people's for a reason... the reason is because he wanted to reveal these photographs to the people of today to scare the living day out of them and make them believe that he is all powerful... YEP... his hunger for power cannot be stopped... Because our Father in heaven already made it that way... The challenge is for others to decide whether to believe in this ego maniac, or hold true to the invisible teachings and words of our Father in heaven... The ego maniac is just a tool - a measuring stick, to see which of God's creations truly believe in him, after all that he does for them day in and day out - if they take the time to see it.

So... the ego maniac who made the Pyramids, Atlantis, carved the stones a Puma Punku and drew the Nazca lines... reveals that he can travel through time like a great magician... he reveals his great earthly wealth of gold and treasures... and remember... he is in government, so he has access to anything he wants and controls weapons of mass destruction AND more... so people should fear this guy... now he's told them that he's responsible for the Earth's history, that he can annihilate them at will and now he can travel through time and make it so that they are not even born... OH DEAR... The ego maniac has forgotten... that Jesus, the son of God, will return when least expected and like a thief in the night... OH OH... story over. The second coming has occurred... those who believe are carried up into a new world and life on Earth and given new bodies... all the others are cast aside with the ego maniac...

So you see, the ancient "aliens" weren't "aliens" little green men after all. If you don't believe me, look at some of the ancient pottery and little figures that ancient people used to make of their "gods" MOST of them look just like modern man in a spacesuit... and what about those AIRCRAFT on the ancient Egyptian tablets... look a lot to me like a Helicopter, a spaceship and a submarine...

So... what about all these lights in the skies and UFO sightings and abduction cases... Perhaps those are little green persons from another planet... The rest and the future is... DONE.

Just to clarify: The ego maniac time traveler, with a team, studies how all the ancient monuments were constructed. He then time travels with his team to the time before the ancient monuments are constructed, thinking that he will beat the ones who are "supposed" to construct them... little does he know, he is not beating anyone... It was he who was intended to discover time travel so that he could go back and become responsible for having constructed them.

Written by
Allistair E.T.